a man, a rake, a beach at low tide

artist: andres amador

artist: andres amador


his only other implement: a rope.. although the two pieces i happened to choose do not make it obvious why the rope is needed: many of his works feature precise geometrical figures: very impressive! and necessarily temporary as the high tide will wash them away anon…
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don’t be offended

morpheus aptly named character from "the matrix"

aptly named character from “the matrix”

it’s only a movie
it’s not like it’s an allegory about a modern dystopian society
where citizens participate in an arbitrary consensus reality
by submitting themselves to mind control via mass media

oh wait — it is
ok, i suppose it’s ok to be offended then…

the death of expertise

It’s been quite a few years since isaac asimov wrote “the relativity of wrong.”  the problem he described then has not improved but rather gotten so much worse in the ensuing years… opinions are NOT created equal !!!  it is not the definition of democracy that your opinion is just as good as anyone else’s. some folks’ opinions are more informed than others’ … and let’s be honest: some people are just plain smarter. following is a wonderful essay by “an expert” which will unfortunately never be read by those most in need of its message :(

The Death of Expertise by Tom Nichols

one and many

“There are neither one nor many Buddhas. You can’t say there is only one, as there are limitless Buddhas, yet you can’t say there are many, as their essence is a single ground- emptiness and compassion abiding like space.

Thus, do not grasp at singularity or multiplicity. Whatever appear are empty of self nature, like a rainbow in the sky. They lack inherent existence, as they are compounds and thus impermanent.

The nature of mind of all beings always remains like space; it is uncompounded. While their bodies appear diversely, the mind of all beings has the same essence.

There is only one such thing called “mind,” just as there is only one such thing called “water,” although water manifests in different ways–as oceans, rivers, rain, drops, etc.

If everyone were to practice OM AH HUNG, their mindfulness would have the same essence without the slightest difference in quality or size.”

~ Garchen Rinpoche