View of Paris from Montmartre


View of Paris from Montmartre, 1886
Vincent van Gogh


my son’s 30th birthday gift

the earth has gone around the sun exactly 30 times since the day my son hunter was born, almost 6 times since he completed his mission for this life cycle and left again. from the first moment i laid eyes on him i recognized him as my departed brother, but i did not understand his mission until he’d left again. i had thought, self-centeredly, that he had returned to be with me. no, he needed to work through his relationship with our father. and the evening before his 30th birthday, as i was feeling very close with hunter, loving him and feeling his love being returned to me, i could feel him trying to help -me- work through my own issues with our father. dad called sparky (my brother) “the most forgivingest young’n i’ve ever known.” hunter was trying to share that attitude with me last evening. for the sake of my brother, my son, for the sake of our father, and for my own sake, i hope “child is father to the man” is able to get through to me and help me learn forgiveness… thank you hunter: i love you son. may brother, son, and father rest in peace ~~