girl with mandolin

Girl with mandolin (Fanny Tellier) – Pablo Picasso, 1910


fall on the bayou posted on facebook by whiskey and the morning after blog
posted on facebook by whiskey and the morning after blog

The fall colors of the cypress trees are on full display in the bayous!

this and other photographs from the louisiana waterways are available for purchase from

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.l.. all that!

pink beaches (?)

not certain of the translation: that’s what google translate says!

Amedee Julien Marcel-Clement (French, 1873-unknown): Plages Roses. Oil on canvas, 50 x 61 cm (19.7 x 24 inches). Private Collection.

i would have guessed maybe “red sails” but “playa” is beach in spanish, so plages may well be beaches in french. red is rouge, rose, pink, in french… i am by no stretch of the imagination francophonic! i just can detect no trace of a pink beach anywhere… the sails are what caught my eye.


mostly because it’s banned on facebook

in 1973, salvadore dali had some interesting art in the – for those times – scandalous magazine, playboy.  the salvadore dali facebook page just posted this, but with a heinous blur in order to comply with facebook’s censorship policy. this is how it is supposed to look!

.l.. censorship!