never forget!

never forget. 9/11/2001. never forget that our government had ample warning. never forget that illegal surveillance began 27 february 2001, seven months prior to 9/11. never forget that richard clarke, the “terrorism czar,” told the 9/11 commission “they needed body bags” in order to motivate the american people and our elected representatives to move into military action against terrorists. never forget that in the shock and disorientation our country suffered as a result of this heinous act the corporate/state entity that used to be our government imposed a new way of american life under the aegis of the PATRIOT act. from 11 sept till 24 oct – that’s how long it supposedly took to draft a law that fundamentally changed the american system completely. i don’t believe it for a moment: they had been working on that law for as long as they knew those attacks were going to happen! the “government” wanted to take full advantage of the “shock” of 9/11: read “the shock doctrine” by naomi klein…


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