medical report on your blog host…

today i am enjoying being tired! i went to bed early, woke up late, and then took a nap. and this is a very good thing! why? on monday and tuesday of this week i began treatments for my lymphoma again: yay!!! i had three infusions of two different kinds of chemo over two days. almost six years ago they stopped giving me the more toxic kind of chemo, designed actually to put the cancer into remission, for fear of killing me. a body can take only so much! i’d had that much, and the cancer wasn’t gone… so they gave me rituxan for five years, which is not toxic chemo but rather an antibody that managed the cancer without attempting to cure it, and kept me alive though my cancer is active and “incurable.” nearly a year ago, they took away the rituxan — said my body needed a break from that, too. the cancer sure appreciated the break! it just kept getting more and more active… SO! now that my body has had it’s break, time to break the cancer!!! the original plan this time had been one treatment with bendamustine every three weeks for six cycles, then maybe rituxan. that was what my doctor told me last week. when i got to the hospital monday morning for treatment – after my doctor had consulted with a nationally known hematologist expert – the rituxan was begun immediately (not “maybe”) and the bendamustine plan was doubled! two treatments every three weeks for six cycles! i’m so pleased!!! grateful!!! haven’t been this happy to be this tired in forever….. :)


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