Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement

edward snowden, william binney, and others have explained to us how the corporate/state entity we used to know as “the united states government” uses invasive, unlawful, unconstitutional, secret, and very effective methods to spy into citizens’ private lives.  the stated rationale for this overweening surveillance is “national security,” ie, the security of the citizens of the nation. nothing could be further from the truth. if you will read the wikipedia articles about sibel edmonds and about william binney, you will understand that the government declined to act on hard intelligence (reported to the FBI in april, 2001) that al qaeda terrorists were planning multiple attacks on major us cities using commercial airliners and some of the terrorists were probably already in-country (sibel edmonds); and declined to use a more efficient, cheaper, more effective surveillance system that better targeted al qaeda and terrorist targets and opted instead for a more expensive system that was less useful against terrorism abroad but more intrusively scooped up data on americans at home [and made “legal” only by extraordinary contortions of opaque laws with secret interpretations approved by secret courts — and even then still found in violation of the fourth amendment by the secret FISA court – but continuing anyway!] (william binney-not all this is in wikipedia–use duckduckgo to seach for the rest…).  the government’s interest in preventing terrorism just doesn’t appear to be that keen.  on the other hand, the surveillance state the corporate/state entity has constructed DOES protect its OWN interests….

here’s an example of “counter-terrorism” protecting wall street and the banks:





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