where is edward snowden?

edward snowden seems to have disappeared. according to the chair of the senate intelligence committee, he was last seen getting into a car at moscow airport; his baggage went in a different car. he was accompanied from hong kong by wikileaks activist sarah harrison. it was announced that he would fly this morning to cuba, thence to either venezuela or ecuador. his plane seat to cuba was empty this morning. he hasn’t been seen. alternative arrangements for travel? ecuador’s foreign minister has read publicly a letter from ed snowden to the president of ecuador, seeking asylum. russia had promised not to detain snowden before he left hong kong, according to a wikileaks lawyer. be safe, edward snowden!

meanwhile, bradley manning’s trial is ongoing; the government refused to allow him to plead guilty to charges that would result in a 20 year sentence: they want him in prison for life. it is apparently ok for the united states government (corporate/state entity) to know every secret of every citizen of this nation — but not ok for citizens to know the secrets of those whom we “consent” to be governed by. not because such knowledge would be a threat to “national security” (the citizens) but because such knowledge would be a threat to the corporate/state entity (the “government”).

by the way, when you turn on the radio or the television — that’s “the corporate/state entity.”
here is the news source for the above:



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