matt taibbi on the national debt, etc

a tension exists between monetary policy, conducted by the fed, which under quantitative easing is very stimulative, and fiscal policy, conducted by congress [controlled by republicans], which is dominated by an austerity agenda and is very anti-stimulative. the result is as matt taibbi describes, a building, high-stakes crisis that seems must end in some type of major shock to our system. i would argue this is not a bug in the overall plan but rather a feature. we know the “high cabal” (winston churchill’s term) uses the techniques naomi klein described in her book “the shock doctrine” to affect social and political change. the objective of the high cabal, also known as “globalists,” is one world government, or a “new world order.” to get there, the sovereignty of individual countries must go. europe is well on the way to surrendering individual states’ sovereignty. the us of a has always been known to be a tougher nut to crack.

The Mad Science of the National Debt


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