lawless obama overreach

what happened to that “transparency” thing candidate obama promised us in 2007 and 2008? for that matter, what about “change?” obama has prosecuted more people under the State Secrets Act than all other presidents combined. his policies and practices seem essentially unchanged from his predecessor’s, except he kills more people with drones than w did… our leadership is lawless.



i find it amusing, but also sad, when partisans attack when i take one position or another and the attacks are based on partisan beliefs – to which folks are entitled, to be sure – but come with the filters, masks, and biases which media and culture inculcate those beliefs with. the left-right, democrat-republican narrative is so strongly writ and global thinking, critical thinking, and independent thinking so badly taught and little esteemed that it seems no one is capable of grasping that the entire system is broken. the powers that be use our partisan hatreds against us to control us and divert us from what’s really going on, which is seriously bad and which is obvious to the discerning intellect.

recently, when responding to a republican attack against obama over the benghazi affair (based on facts-not fox news) i was excoriated for being a liberal defender of anything pro-obama because i’m a—i can’t even remember, it wasn’t significant to me [it seems people have become rather like light switches: only capable of being in one of two states. flip it right. flip it left. no other choices. <compassion>]

in fact, i am outraged by the moves against our constitution and our way of life that this dread president has taken. i feel deeply betrayed.


The Obama era has been one of the worst for domestic civil liberties. (alternet)

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