civil discourse ~ facebook status comment thread

Obama is a like a Teflon pan. Nothing sticks.
  • leslie  Funny. Like that one
  • eric Gotta give moms the credit on that one.
  • max That’s what happens when people vote for an emotion with an emotion. We are in big trouble. When corruption and intimidation are passed over by a who political party, get ready for the next version of the Soviet gulags.
  • Jerry Hill your mom is old enough to remember when people called ronald reagan the teflon president because no matter what dumb thing he said (“80% of all air pollution is caused by trees”), nothing stuck–nothing tarnished his movie-star image…
  • eric  Obama calls the Benghazi hearings a “sideshow”…uh… regardless of whatever past stupid things presidents have said this guy is sick in the head.
  • Jerry Hill the cia was running security at benghazi; the operation was classified. fox news has done much to damage our national security already, because who knows how many other such cia operations may exist or may have existed? – before having been compromised by fox news’s irresponsible blabbing of our national secrets to the world… remember when fox news announced the name of the seal team member whose name had been protected by every other news outlet? remember–fox news is multinational corporate news–owned by an australian and a saudi–and fox does not have american national interests as their first priority. the whole benghazi brouhaha is a manufactured by fox news and republicans distraction from the humiliating loss at the polls in november.
  • eric  what does that have to do with fact that people were begging for help but no one was allowed to? uh… obama gave up seal team six. he had no business saying who took out osama…
  • Jerry Hill nearest help was 1600 miles away? no way they could get there? the only available assistance was sent? facts? don’t matter! fox and the republicans will spread their dirt!
  • Jerry Hill bah! a pox on it!
  • steve  Maybe it’s because Boehner refuses to use a metal spatula?
  • jason  1600 miles away in a fighter jet is nothing, Jerry.
  • eric  we have air assets all over the Mediterranean…
  • Jerry Hill did you guys happen to see republican robert gates’s – sec’y of defense appointed by gw bush – comments from sunday’s talk shows? he explained how “useful” those jets would have been, as in–not at all… filters! everyone wears filters! only see muck that sticks to obama!! look — i do not like obama. i’m disgusted with him and his administration. but the benghazi thing is bs. pure and simple. 39% of people who think it’s the “worst scandal ever” don’t even know where benghazi is!
  • Jerry Hill or i guess y’all would just have the air force drop a bomb on the embassy? “kill ’em all! let god sort ’em out!!”
  • jason  Oh yes! We Conservatives love to blow stuff up.
  • Jerry Hill i know. i watched the footage of “shock and awe” in baghdad.
  • jason  It’s funny how people lump all Conservatives into the Republican party. Actually it pisses me off.
  • Jerry Hill you did the lumping, jason — not i…
  • jason  How?
  • Jerry Hill “We Conservatives love to blow stuff up.”
  • jason  You didn’t catch the sarcasm in my “blow stuff up” remark?

  • Jerry Hill were it only not true!
  • ashley  Eric, I’m always getting a taste of tard tea when I read these threads lol

  • max  Jerry, stop the left talking points and face reality. This attack went on over more than a day. An f-22 can maintain over the speed of sound with use of afterburners for prolonged periods of time… Meaning, a post-Mach flyover of the consulate would be possible within well 2 hours. The sound df that plane flying over would likely have been enough to scare some of the bad guys. A laser guided 500 pound bomb in the road outside of the compound would have been enough put the fear of their Allah in the… If not blow them into little bits and pieces. Please limit your facts to something other than MSNBC talking points handed to the by the administration

    I’ll will acquiesce (for the sake of temporarily appeasing you) to your statement that Reagan said “stupid” things. I guess that is the moral equivalent to a standing president lying and manipulating the government to protect a significantly failed Middle East policy prior to an election. But from noticing your bumper sticker policy knowledge, it would not have made a difference. To people like you, the ends justify the means and this country will die as a result of it. It doesn’t matter if you lie because the important thing is to get what you want no matter what the cost. To destroy any individual in your way is okay because you see it being for the greater good. Sounds an awful lot like the 911 hijackers who were faithful Muslims who knew that lying to the infidel was acceptable and preferred if it was done in the name of Allah… The difference is that your Muhammad is Obama and your Islam is the government.

    Sorry for trashing a friend of yours like this, Eric, but I’m sick of listening to bile spewing from the throats of the liberal loyalists who have no shame and no limit to the level of ignorance they will go to in order to protect force liberal garbage on the country… They know that they can’t stand up and say exactly their intentions because the middle of the country will puke them out… We are the lobsters in the cold pot and they are the fire.
  • Jerry Hill  max — i do not feel in the least “trashed.” i do not even own a television so my “talking points” do not come from msnbc or anywhere else. my data are gleaned from many news sources, many outside this country because american media are sanitized. i stated quite clearly that i do not like obama. half your argument with me fails there. the rest is lost in your filters, the ones i mentioned earlier. furthermore — bah! that is all.
  • max  Touché, Jerry!

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