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Living on credit! But who IS really LIVING at all? We all might as well BE the federal, or for that matter, the WORLD DEFICIT, because most of us ARE “LIVING” on “FUMES” OF life,anyway. IMHO, even the 1% are hardly alive, emotionally. Look at any young child, (very young, thst is,Honey Boo Boo is old before her time) if you want to see what real life is, before spirit crushing ego and drama quality of life issues takes all, or most real life away.Capitalism CON SUMES our life in place of us having a life at all. All the resources in the world lack the ability to PURCHASE the spirit of ego and drama free play of the child, and until we all “become like little children” we will be un-alive, so it makes little difference if we are all unalive with or without debt.
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that’s one pole of the polarity – paradoxically, perhaps poetically, we have free choice (as holocaust survivor victor frankl says in “man’s search for meaning”) — we have the choice how to respond. i choose to surrender ego and sacrifice drama, practice stillness and accept inner peace. i am content with what i have – feel no need to consume to avoid any feeling of loss and i embrace the void for therein i find all possibilities.. .


matt taibbi on the national debt, etc

a tension exists between monetary policy, conducted by the fed, which under quantitative easing is very stimulative, and fiscal policy, conducted by congress [controlled by republicans], which is dominated by an austerity agenda and is very anti-stimulative. the result is as matt taibbi describes, a building, high-stakes crisis that seems must end in some type of major shock to our system. i would argue this is not a bug in the overall plan but rather a feature. we know the “high cabal” (winston churchill’s term) uses the techniques naomi klein described in her book “the shock doctrine” to affect social and political change. the objective of the high cabal, also known as “globalists,” is one world government, or a “new world order.” to get there, the sovereignty of individual countries must go. europe is well on the way to surrendering individual states’ sovereignty. the us of a has always been known to be a tougher nut to crack.

The Mad Science of the National Debt

first amendment blues

this week the washington post revealed that the fbi considered a news reporter, james rosen of fox, a “co-conspirator” in violation of the espionage act for asking questions about classified information and using the information he obtained in a news story.  this is what reporters who work in the national security subject area do.  the fbi convinced a federal judge that reasonable cause existed to issue a search warrant to read his email.  no reporter in the history of our republic has ever been prosecuted under the espionage act for reporting classified information; and how many have sourced their story to someone who “declined to be identified” because he or she was not “authorized” to discuss this “scoop” with this reporter?

here’s a link to the washington post story

here’s a link to “secrecy news” blog published by federation of american scientists

lawless obama overreach

what happened to that “transparency” thing candidate obama promised us in 2007 and 2008? for that matter, what about “change?” obama has prosecuted more people under the State Secrets Act than all other presidents combined. his policies and practices seem essentially unchanged from his predecessor’s, except he kills more people with drones than w did… our leadership is lawless.



i find it amusing, but also sad, when partisans attack when i take one position or another and the attacks are based on partisan beliefs – to which folks are entitled, to be sure – but come with the filters, masks, and biases which media and culture inculcate those beliefs with. the left-right, democrat-republican narrative is so strongly writ and global thinking, critical thinking, and independent thinking so badly taught and little esteemed that it seems no one is capable of grasping that the entire system is broken. the powers that be use our partisan hatreds against us to control us and divert us from what’s really going on, which is seriously bad and which is obvious to the discerning intellect.

recently, when responding to a republican attack against obama over the benghazi affair (based on facts-not fox news) i was excoriated for being a liberal defender of anything pro-obama because i’m a—i can’t even remember, it wasn’t significant to me [it seems people have become rather like light switches: only capable of being in one of two states. flip it right. flip it left. no other choices. <compassion>]

in fact, i am outraged by the moves against our constitution and our way of life that this dread president has taken. i feel deeply betrayed.


The Obama era has been one of the worst for domestic civil liberties. (alternet)