death squads in iraq

remember el salvador? the death squads? the systematic torture? the “school of the americas” at ft benning that trained central and south american right-wing strongmen in the dark arts of torture? yeah, maybe you didn’t hear about all that… turns out that one guy – just one guy – was the author of all the carnage in el salvador.  he was the man gen george patton jr called his “most effective” subordinate commander in vietnam: col james “jim” steele.  col steele was also one of six key players in the iran-contra scandal (col oliver north was another).  so when things got ugly in iraq, dick cheney knew whom to call.

if you happen to live in europe you can watch your news programming to learn about this. if you live in america — forget about it!  mainstream media won’t touch this news!  the british newspaper the guardian and the bbc-arabic used leaked wikileaks documents (thanks, bradley manning – hero!) to show how the us command brought col steele out of retirement back into iraq to set up the same type of systematic torture centers throughout iraq as he had set up in el salvador, run by iraqis, advised and trained by americans.  american military personnel were explicitly ordered to ignore iraqi on iraqi torture (frag order 242).  in all fairness to col steele, most of the killings started after he left iraq…

here’s a link to the story:    iraq torture centers courtesy of us command


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