war on drugs

we incarcerate a greater percentage of our population than any other country on earth… why?

to keep folks “occupied” while their jobs are being outsourced or “off-shored” so that private corporations make the profits and the public supports the unemployed… the greatest single outcome of the “war on drugs” has NOT been less drug use: it’s been higher incarceration rates — and secondarily more power in government hands. 

remember who declared the war on drugs? ronald reagan gets credit, but he already had alzheimer’s when he was in office — used to sleep through national security council meetings (they would wake him up to sign presidential findings and directives and such, then let him go back to sleep) and he would say such things as “80% of air pollution comes from trees!”  remember all the disinformation about how nancy reagan had so much influence over the gipper? or was it her astrologer? no, just as when the younger bush was president, the country was being run from the ovp — the office of the vice president: george herbert walker bush was calling the shots.  and george the first, a member of skull and bones, is an active member (or at least an agent) of the real government of the world (not just america), controlled by the ultra-rich banking elite — the rothschilds, rockefellers, warburgs, european nobles, and others. there are in all about 145 members of the group and they control about 32 trillion dollars of capital among them. for comparison, the united states gdp is about 15 trillion usd and the national debt is about 16 trillion usd. they could buy us outright — but why? they already own us!

this “high cabal” as winston churchill called them has existed for a long time — theirs is “old money” — and the plans they lay are scheduled not in years or even decades, but in centuries… and as noam chomsky said, “the general public doesn’t know what’s really going on, and they don’t even know that they don’t know.”  why was hemp, grown by george washington and a world-wide cash crop for millennia, suddenly demonized in the 1930s in the “reefer madness” propaganda campaign and outlawed in america? it simply made no sense — until the war on drugs, declared in 1980, half a century later, started scooping up people who would otherwise be unemployed and might become a threat to civil society as their poverty and desperation increased.  think in long timelines! and expect worse to come…


One response to “war on drugs

  1. factual error! richard m nixon declared the war on drugs. it’s too late to edit the original post, but here’s some humble pie :)

    the high cabal’s representative in nixon’s cabinet, of course, was henry kissinger, who once told foreign diplomats that his state department could do the merely illegal “immediately” but “the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

    my basic argument is intact. only, the “scoop” started a decade earlier than i indicated in the original post.

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