seldom collated actual data

who runs the world?

a core group of extremely wealthy elite are actually pulling the strings.

adam smith (author of “wealth of nations,” generally recognized as the first modern textbook of economics) wrote of an “invisible hand” that guided the economy.

he was referring to a rational system where if all actors behaved in their own best interests the global outcome would be ideal for all participants, that ideal outcome achieved as if by “an invisible hand.”

his reference was not to the power of fantastically concentrated wealth acting as that “invisible hand.” yet so it is. the article linked above indicates that as few as 145 individuals collectively control as much as $32 trillion. for perspective, the GDP of the us is about $15 trillion, and the national debt $16 trillion. this group of 145 individual could literally buy the us and all it’s debt! they >own< this country! for a perspective on this (language warning!) watch george carlin’s “the owners of this country.” *

*this is the most complete video i could find of this performance of carlin’s; it has mistakes that aren’t edited or corrected and it goes on long after it’s usual stopping point. the beginning drags a bit and as far as i’m concerned, the good part’s over at 6:18 or so…


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