shared fb status update and commentary

“Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses.” —Plato

thanks for posting this eric!

  • Jerry Hill plato criticized democracy from its birthplace, its hometown: athens. he believed a few plotters would convince the ignorant majority to vote against their own interests and unwittingly approve the hidden plots of the connivers. it was true then, when the democratic process sentenced socrates to death, and it’s true now. plato wrote a book called “the republic” which, notice, he did not title “democracy.” how many people know the pledge of allegiance to the flag? “…and to the republic for which it stands.”
  • eric–   yeah man its sick…. america has become a banana republic.
  • Jerry Hill    do you know where the phrase banana republic comes from? what it means?
  • Jerry Hill thanks, eric! got me to read the wikipedia article ’cause i wasn’t clear on the answers to the questions i posed to you. i wasn’t challenging you: i was interested in the answers:)
  • eric–  haha yeah kinda im sure it had to do with bananas…we’re not really a banana republic but with the new healthcare thing where it’s a large portion of the gdp  and the way the middle class is being destroyed —  seems legit….
  • Jerry Hill and by what i read there–i have to agree with you…
  • Jerry Hill “In economics, a banana republic is a country operated as a commercial enterprise for private profit, effected by a collusion between the State and favoured monopolies, in which the profit derived from the private exploitation of public lands is private property, while the debts incurred thereby are a public responsibility.” [from wikipedia]
    how else do you describe bank bailouts? remember, the federal reserve bank is owned by private banks…
  • Jerry Hill i’m pretty sure the founders didn’t have our present banana republic in mind when they crafted our once-great nation… it’s a crying shame what the bastards have done to our country.

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