i have pondered it for over a decade. i couldn’t explain what happened. a young man rushed directly towards me and i stood still waiting to see what would happen. i honestly didn’t know. i was relaxed. calm. still. when the young man came within arm’s reach of me i was still standing still; a moment later, he was on the ground and i had never touched him, did not put my hands on him. my body, without any participation from my conscious, effortfull mind, spun in a quick circle, and he was gasping for breath, his wind knocked out of him. i was as surprised as he was. i just now realized – over a decade later, what actually happened: he never touched me and i never touched him. the timing of the effortless circle was such that i disappeared from the space he occupied an instant before he got there, almost as if creating an energy tornado. he was sucked in and thrown energetically out with no contact necessary between us. magic! thank you sifu!


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