there is no television in my home.

i strongly recommend the book four arguments for the elimination of television by dr jerry mander

(that’s his real name…)

i’ve said of television for many years, “there’s a reason they call it programming!”




2 responses to “programming

  1. there had been a moment in my life when i put my tv-set onto the balcony of my flat, took a big hammer and made hole into the set big enough to let the rain in.
    and why on earth did i do that???? because i had been a tv-addict and had not been able to switch the tv off at a reasonable :-) time at night, – every night, though i did not like what watching tv ment to me. @%$&Ä?߀. then a lucid moment came up and i took the opportunity and set this damn thing out of my flat.
    some years later (=now) i have a tv set again. but your post brings back the idea of getting rid of it.
    thanks, jerry!

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