class war

facebook friend of mine  mentioned in comments how stupid declaring “war on terror” is. terror is not an enemy, it is a strategy. i responded that the men who declared war on terror were smart, motivated men who acted not without reason. if their behaviors appear “stupid” then it is their purposes that are opaque. by the way, this digression occurred during a discussion of the current apparent attack on the second amendment. if we’re not quite clear of the true, hidden purposes and objectives of the wars on terror and the second amendment, perhaps looking at the real-life effects of the war on drugs might give us some insight into the purposes of the manipulators, because maybe the outcomes of the war on drugs were really the purposes the war was undertaken in the first place… so, what are the outcomes to date of the war on drugs? less drug use? nope. more people in prison, best answer. increased power vested in law enforcement and government. fewer people seeking non-existent (out-sourced or “off-shored”) jobs, increased poverty and therefore increased dependence on the state. the general tendency is toward increasing power of government and decreasing autonomy of individuals. remember when this country was constituted a republic to protect the rights of individual citizens?

“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” has been replaced with existence and dependency on the state at the grudging expense of the wealthy, who are tired of giving the poor “a free ride.”


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