i told a dear friend i am a taoist (also known as “quietist”).  she said that she didn’t know what i meant by that:

my response (very slightly edited for clarity):

taoism – (in the beginning not a religion; but, as usual, corrupted by a couple of thousand years of human misunderstanding…) is a weltanschauung, an explanatory principle, a set of techniques, a method of self-cultivation, that doesn’t try to fit omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence into one man-like entity but rather embraces the unity of the all-one, the universe, as a creative, intelligent, and – if one is in harmony with it – helpful source of, well — everything

the quietist part -and the technique i mentioned- is practicing silence so that one can be in harmony. (i’m convinced it has to do with non-interfering with quantum waves and such—but those are words and not quietness…)


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