is it real?

i don’t know

i would like to say– as an information consumer: caveat emptor (translating “buyer” as “consumer” does some damage to latin… but lets move on)

i have observed, on sojourns into the wilds of untamed internet conspiracy theorists, some quite improbable information.  as a reasonable person (as i hope/like to think i am), i wonder “how can anyone believe such nonsense?”   the information is so unbelievable that it seems possible if not probable that it was planted there to make conspiracy theorists looks like nutcakes.   societal attitudes towards conspiracy theorists in general are distinctly negative and that negativity is reinforced by all major media. it will always be in the interests of the powers that be to discredit people who would reveal hidden truths:  those truths are hidden for a reason!

there’s usually a part of me that asks: “is that for real?”

i attempt reasonable care in fact checking before i post: i try to make sure if abraham lincoln is cited that he actually said what i’ve attributed to him. but to be perfectly frank: i do not know how to do a snopes-type search on an image. i have seen amazing productions created on photoshop: how would one verify the authenticity of the image in my last post? anybody know?  a for-real question.

thanks in advance!




this is what i wrote in the comments:

turns out a word search for “insect spy drone” suffices:

snopes doesn’t say “true” or “false” on this image
it says “mixture”


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