drug testing and the constitution

today’s question: Do you support drug testing to get approval to be on Welfare?
(question posed earlier today on facebook for comment)
Jerry Hill   i’m old-school: you know, an american patriot. i still believe in the constitution the way the founders intended it! used to be, it was considered a violation of one’s fourth amendment rights against unlawful search to be drug tested without probable cause. our constitutional rights got changed during the administration of ronald reagan–prolly not by reagan, who already had alzheimer’s, but by the guy who was really running the country out of the ovp (office of the vice president)–george herbert walker bush <kinda reminds ya of darth cheney, huh?> so NO!! not just no, but HELL NO!!! and all you folks who don’t know any better–turn off fox news!
Frank    jerry u fucking idiot, i doont want my tax dollars to fund a person’s drug use, if they can afford drugs they can do it with their own money. ur a complete tool

Jerry Hill   foul-mouthed frank, who wouldn’t know an ad hominem logical fallacy if it bit you on the foot, answer me this: did you ever swear to defend the constitution against all threats, foreign and domestic? cause when i first did, we were well trained in things like the constitution and respect for the flag. back then there was this quaint thing called posse commitatus that prevented the military being deployed against civilians in the homeland–gone now; and rights to privacy were honored and the freedom from unlawful search and seizure. by the time i was honorably discharged these things were gone — rights guaranteed by the constitution — stripped away. under george w bush, 270 years of traditional respect for the flag was reversed–i was taught in basic training that the blue was always displayed on the left; if a military unit displayed a flag otherwise it was a distress signal. bush changed it so the whole military displays the flag with the blue on the >right.< i asked a sergeant first class about this when i first noticed the change–he too was an old-timer and kind of grimaced and said it was so it would look like “we are always moving forward.” to me, it looks as if the entire military is in distress. which indeed it is, and our whole country is. people don’t know that something is terribly wrong, and they don’t even know that they don’t know!!


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