clip from the daily show

some of my non-american friends (should i say perhaps even some of my american friends?) may not know who grover norquist is, nor samantha bee nor the daily show for that matter. in reverse order: jon stewart has a tv show called the daily show which is part parody of a mainstream media outlet and part commentary on our society–it plays on “the comedy channel”;  samantha bee is a regular contributor to the daily show,  and grover norquist is a lobbyist who is noted for two things:  1- he has managed to get a majority of congress critters to sign a pledge  >>never<<  to raise taxes and 2-  he has made it a personal project to have as many places, buildings, bridges, streets, etc, as humanly possible named after ronald reagan (at least one in every state of the union was his stated goal).

nJoy this very funny clip!

samantha bee and grover norquist


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