conspiracy theories

it is fascinating to read some of the more extreme corners of the internet. there is only so much time. the threat of information overload exists — one needs to use discernment. 

i wrote rather extensively on one amusing conspiracy theory that happened to fall into my particular area of expertise several days ago in this blog….

ever since kennedy was assassinated i have been interested in conspiracy theories — most of my life. i was six years old the afternoon i learned of his death and of course remember it well: my mother cried.  the very best explanation of that assassination has been given by col l flether prouty in his book, “the cia, vietnam, and the plot to assassinate john f kennedy.”  this book by col prouty is persuasive.  [by the 60s, col prouty was working in the pentagon; but his service began during ww2 so his knowledge of this narrative is personal and direct throughout the timespace occupied by his story.]

it is rather amazing to read “the secret protocols of the learned elders of zion.”  the accuracy and perspicuity of the narrator can be startling. this is perhaps the single most hated document by – zionists, of course – but also by many other people who see it as a libel against jews.  it is a forbidden book in many places, but of course the internet is “free” [irony alert] and the tract can be found.

one thing has always struck me:  the amount of hysterical, delusional, paranoid material found on almost any given subject, and the sheer unbelievableness of that material, has often suggested to me that discrediting material is deliberately disseminated (“planted”) in order to neutralize the “conspiracy kooks.”

there are lots more, and more (i’m sure) than i have even stumbled across or followed links to… it is interesting to me the vehemence with which conspiracy theorists are derided.  it’s as if it were a fact that conspiracies never exist and therefore being on the look-out for them is crazy.  ya–never any conspiracies at all. watergate didn’t happen, nor the iran-contra affair. those things just DON’T HAPPEN in america!


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