the meaning of “being american”

  • What does “Being American” mean to you?
    • John    Understanding our history and learning from it. To be active toward progress as our founding documents promise. To welcome all who come here as we have. To build a nation of one out of many.
    • Misty   not being bossed around all the time. having confidence to speak out without worry of a beat down from the cops. not having to worry about my son being sent off to some “war”, growing my own food with seed that i saved, having a gun or abortion or marijuana and adequate, affordable health care. these are dreams!
    • Ben   Freedom, equality, opportunity, and the infinite endeavor towards a more perfect union.
    • Jerry Hill    it meant enough to me to be willing to die to “defend the constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic” (oath of enlistment-us army). now i find that enemies of the constitution comprise all three branches of government!!! FTW

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