hello universe

my go-to-sleep playlist last night comprised bach inventions played on harpsichord. so often we hear them played on the piano-forte, for which bach did not write them and of which he was not enamored (perhaps because the instrument had only been invented for a few years in his day and wasn’t yet all that well developed). i always marvel at how the lighter touch of the harpsichord allows quicker, lighter rendering of the old master’s masterpieces. needless to say, a delicious way to drop into sleep!
i read somewhere that if the human species wants to introduce itself to intelligent life elsewhere in the universe we should simply stream the music of bach out into space: “we’d be bragging of course.”


2 responses to “hello universe

  1. just realized that i should turn the music on. at once!!!!!!! in case an alien knocks at my door. or for any other eventuality. jerry knocking i.e. ??!!
    do not start with bach. but rather “gerry mulligan quartet at the salle pleyel, 1954” . new plot: go through all of my cassettes (yes, i am old enough, to possess lot of these). happy me, i still own a cassette player

  2. i, too, still have a (rather nice) cassette player; but the quality of cassettes is so bad i’ve replaced everything important that i could replace…
    i too enjoy gerry mulligan–he’s a pretty good jazz player, for a white guy ;)

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