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for anyone who actually reads my posts and doesn’t just dismiss them as mere “political rant” -perhaps because they express different opinions than theirs- such a reader may be aware that i am consciously seeking to avoid left/right, us/them thinking and am seeking to understand our social and political milieu holistically. so the following is not about left/right, us/them. it’s a considered opinion informed by facts…

mitt romney was a “corporate raider.” a “corporate raider” is someone who squeezes all the value out of a company for his/her own benefit, then leaves the bankrupted, destroyed hulk of a once profitable business for other people to worry about. read the kaybee toy story. read matt taibbi in the rolling stone. i for one do not want this man to squeeze all the value out of our country for the benefit of himself and his ultra-rich associates, leaving the bankrupted, destroyed hulk of a country as his legacy!

  • Cyn  Jerry…why would he? As president he wouldn’t be acting as a corporate raider.
  • Jerry Hill  he’s running on his “business experience” and that’s what his experience is. and look at the policies he advocates: tax cuts, spending cuts, but $2 trillion dollar increase for the military that they didn’t even ask for! economists-at least honest ones-agree he cannot meet his financial objectives without increasing the tax burden on the middle class–the REAL middle class: not the one he describes as earning $200,000-250,000 per annum. and do you believe for one instant that the share of wealth held by the ultra-rich is going to go down under his policies? in the past several years, top income people have enjoyed 100% of the increase in personal incomes while the incomes of the rest of the country have declined. nothing he advocates suggests this trend will be reversed.

4 responses to “recent facebook post

  1. jerry, did a questionnaire today answering some questions about u.s. politics and then get said which one to vote for. i am a 100 % obama voter .

    i cross my fingers for your country that you and your folks do the right thing.


    • i don’t see here the comment i made in response—strange
      what i had said was that i myself am not “100% obama”
      but i am 100% not-romney…

  2. and thank you for fostering this blog. after quitting fb it is good to read you reasoning again.

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