whither our values?

just got a news alert from the ny times–to be published tomorrow (sunday): an exclusive report that explains why arab nations, who have been supporting syrian rebels with light arms but not armament sufficient actually to fell al assad’s regime, have been deliberately holding out against giving the rebels the tools to win. turns out the us government doesn’t WANT them to! seems uncle sam is afraid “terrorists” will get their hands on such items as shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles or LAWs (light anti-tank weapons). wake up! the “terrorists” in syria are government troops! and they already have the most lethal equipment they can get from russia, china, north korea, and iran. and that’s lethal indeed! so lets just watch more and more people die fighting against superior force while our government prevents them from equaling the odds…
  • Linda And US, too. After all look what terrorists did with a RPG at the US Embassy in Bengazi, Linya.
  • Jerry Hill i appreciate your response, Linda. i’m ambivalent for sure–hesitated before hitting enter on this status update… it’s just that letting people get themselves killed, helplessly and hopelessly, does not seem humane to me. to their great credit, the citizens of syria have risen courageously and at great mortal hazard to themselves. if we’re not going to help them, is there an alternative to their fighting with stones and small-arms fire against against armor and air power? i’m willing to discuss alternatives—but present some…. or have we become cowardly, willing to watch other people fight to the death against insurmountable odds while we ourselves duck all hazard?
  • Jerry Hill   ironic that some in the us believe it is our country’s responsibility-perhaps “privilege”–to foster “democracy” in countries that do not have that–countries under brutal dictatorships, for example… and yet, one of our core democratic ideals is “consent of the governed.” the people of syria clearly have withdrawn their consent from the government of bashar al assad. where are our “democratic values” when the $#|+ hits the fan? or less metaphorically, when the brutal dictator uses rockets, bombs, tanks, artillery, and machine guns in a slaughter of his hopelessly under-equipped opposition… when does it stop? when all the citizens are dead?

    all this talk of “the arab spring!” but give the citizens the right and the ability to choose their own leaders, their own governments, and then this country gets its collective panties in a wad because those citizens have made choices we don’t like, that go against “our national interest.” and of course, because of “american exceptionalism,” our national interests trump theirs—all of theirs!


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