epic dilemma

under obama, killing of innocents abroad via drone strikes has increased dramatically, guantanamo -a blight on our nation’s honor- remains open (in spite of obama’s campaign promise to close it), drones have been given permission to fly in our nation’s airspace in “direct mission support” (whatever THAT means!), an american citizen was executed “extrajudicially,” the “surveillance state” in america has been enhanced beyond most folks’ knowledge and comprehension, the posse comitatus act preventing the use of federal troops against american citizens has been repealed, and americans -ANY americans- that the president “suspects” (the test is not proof beyond reasonable doubt and is not even probable cause) may be a threat can now be indefinitely detained without recourse to due process (goodbye habeas corpus!)… and yet, in my heart of hearts, i believe this man to be the lesser of the two evils we are to choose between in november. heaven help us!!!

facebook responses when i posted this there:

  • Jean   Tell me again why you voluntarily give up your freedom? I am totally confused how you can see your freedom slipping away but will go along because you don’t like the “rich” guy.
  • Jerry Hill   It’s not that i “don’t like the rich guy,” even if “love of money is the root of all evil.” and your suggestion before [ed: previous comment thread] to the effect that i was merely envious of those who have more than i i found downright insulting- not to mention shallow… and it’s not that i’m a robot without choice (“i’d never vote for a… (democrat/republican)”). it helps that i don’t even have a tv in my house: the very few media megacorporations that control almost all the content do not have access to my brain–nor my heart. i read. a lot. i have researched deeply our social and political milieu. you might not reflexively disagree with everything i say were you yourself less influenced by media, less robotic, and more informed… or maybe you do have access to some Truth that has eluded my diligent efforts to fulfill my civic duty and be informed. but that’s why we exercise our franchise and vote-each according to our own conscience…
    Jerry Hill   and to address the issue of voluntarily giving up my freedom… there is nothing voluntary about it!   it did not begin with obama. it did not even begin on 26 oct 2001 when george w bush signed the patriot act into law. (how i admire the lone senate dissenter, russ feingold!) it was already happening in the 1980s. remember when we were active duty (or for me, during my first tour)? it was an unconstitutional violation of our fourth amendment rights, and our privacy, to demand-without probable cause-a urine sample. they danced around this, created a “random” testing protocol, and tested us anyway–but they still could not use the results in a punitive way: it was unconstitutional! however, our constitutional rights changed during the administration of ronald reagan. and how! try getting a job without submitting to this invasive, humiliating process! this is of course merely one example. there are others… many, many others! and that i cited only back to the eighties should not be construed to mean it wasn’t happening well before that.
    Jerry Hill the constant drone of media puts the brain to sleep. this actually has been demonstrated scientifically… watching tv causes dramatically increased alpha wave activity in the brain: alpha waves are associated with relaxation and increased suggestibility–the manipulator’s dream come true!

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