court restores obama’s indefinite detention power

when i joined the military i swore to defend the CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign AND domestic.  the oath is not to defend the homeland, the people, the president, or corporations. our constitution is under direct attack from a supposedly democratic president–and a supposed constitutional law professor at that! last week i reported that a court had stayed the provision of the national defense authorization act which violated the constitution. today’s sad news is reported by the news site raw story ( [regretz–wordpress won’t take the link—copy and paste for the original story]. this week a judge appointed by obama, judge raymond lohier, issued a stay on an earlier ruling in a lower court which found the power of indefinite detention unconstitutional and denied the obama administration the power to indefinitely detain ANYONE on the basis-not of proof beyond a reasonable doubt, not even on the basis of probable cause-on the basis of mere suspicion. this includes american citizens. i could be arrested and held without bail, bond, or due process -no access to a lawyer or a court, no phone call- on the basis of even writing this if obama chose to suspect me of insurrectionist ideas because of how i have chosen my words…

our constitution is under attack from all three branches of government! how to defend against that?
i love our country: i fear -even loathe- our government!!!


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