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fb comment thread on violence in media

I’m sure that there are those who would not agree with me, but sometimes I think you should be responsible and decide what not to write. There is a graphic and brutal murder in my family history a ways back. I researched the incident with the intention of doing an article on it and decided against it. The true story was terrible and a tragedy for those involved. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything with it.
  • Jerry Hill   how un-truman capoteish of you…
    Cyn  Yes, I guess so, Jerry. When something happens to real people, it’s different. I like to think that even if John T. weren’t related to me, I still wouldn’t write that story.
  • Jerry Hill   “in cold blood” was about real people, though not as far as i know related to capote… didn’t that book more or less “make” him?
    Jerry Hill   i guess i share your sensibilities—never read it. nor helter skelter for that matter.
  • Jerry Hill   something about sensationalizing and profiting on such heinous acts…
  • Cyn   I know…it chills the blood that folks can do that. I have read “In Cold Blood” and “Helter Skelter.” I think because I’m always trying to figure out what makes sick people tick.
    Jerry Hill   and your conclusions?
  • Cyn   That I was totally grossed out and no closer to understanding mental illness than I ever was.
    Cyn   Maybe it is the same prurient interest that makes people slow down for car accidents. I personally don’t want to see anything graphic…I have always been sensitive about such things. I find them hard to shake off. :/
  • Jerry Hill  sarah [ed: my late life companion] was that way: graphic violence in a movie would really upset her and we avoided such movies if we knew that was in there… it’s sad that those of us who *aren’t* so upset have such calloused feelings, such insensitivity, that the average media event (and they’re very, very common) no longer shocks or outrages us…who’s more humane?
  • Jerry Hill   to what extent has the media dehumanized us? and-knowing the power of media to influence groups of people-how much is deliberate on the part of those few media megacorporations that control most of the content? and what is their purpose in dehumanizing americans?
    Cyn  I don’t know, Jerry. Remember the horrible images of Vietnam during the evening news? I doubt the media has an ultimate objective, just unqualified greed and a total lack of morals.
    Jerry Hill   i do NOT doubt they have an ultimate objective! nick rockefeller explained to movie producer aaron russo (use your favorite search engine) that the rockefeller foundation supported the feminist movement for two reasons: 1) half the population was not getting taxed and 2) they were trying to break up the american nuclear family. just think of the tv shows since, say, happy days… before then the parents were in charge, wise, benevolent, and usually right. nowadays sitcoms make adults the butt of all the jokes and the young people have all the answers… this was done deliberately! the question is—for what purpose?
    • Cyn  Wow, that’s scary, Jerry! I usually don’t ponder things like that simply because they’re way out of my control.
    • Jerry Hill  i ponder them…a lot…
    • Cyn   Cannot argue with thinking, hon. I just have to monitor my “status quo” with anxiety and depression.
    • Jerry Hill   ya. i take lots of prozac and xanax and etc… :(
    • Cyn It’s ok, Jerry…what ever works. I take a couple of anti-depressants myself because I need them. :)

      Jerry Hillwas it erich fromm who pointed out something to the effect that if the world is sick then being crazy is normal? it’s an effect of our sick society…and i would rather follow “know thyself” and “the unexamined life is not worth living” than shelter myself in unreality and be “happy” (and a good consumer…)

      Cyn  I’m not an advocate of hiding in unreality or being superficially happy. However, I find that I cannot let myself be overcome by overwhelming national or global problems or I will not be able to function. Not indifference, merely survival.
      Jerry Hill  i meant no criticism, cyn! it’s a personal choice i make and it comes with a high price. and it could be argued that it serves no purpose, at least as regards society…
      Cyn   It’s ok, Jerry! I think being aware is a good thing. I just have to do what works for me and I respect what works for you.

six of one, half dozen of the other

i think it was the amazing thinker gregory bateson who said that if one has only one choice (“i’ll never vote for a …[republican/democrat]”), one is a robot; if one has only two choices, one is hung on the horns of a dilemma. to have a free choice there must be at least three options from which to choose. in america, we do not have a viable third option when it comes to politicians. and there is only one political party once they get to washington: “remoneycrats.”  they’ll SAY anything to get elected back home, and DO anything to keep that money flowing from washington insiders –lobbyists– and special interest groups…