fb comment thread on an opinion of berthold brecht’s

  • ‎(M) This quote perfectly summarizes how I feel about political apathy.

    Being Liberal Wall Pictures

      • David Skip Reinhart   Sounds like most of our politicians today.

      • Dave Smith   And, unfortunately, many of the electorate.

      • Vic St Clair   Yes, on all sidesof the issues. Sad.

      • Jerry Hill   there is a problem with political illiteracy and apathy, of course, but the larger problem is, as i think it was will rogers who said, “it ain’t what you don’t know that’s the problem; it’s what you DO know that ain’t so!” for example, a recent media study found that fox news watchers are LESS informed on the facts than someone who watches no news at all!

      • Stan Cornett    Wow! The reputedly oldest profession is caused by people who are ignorant of or not involved in politics? I don’t think so. Apathy toward political shenanigans is a problem. But, “…comes the prostitute” from that? I believe Brother Brecht is one of those folks Will Rogers was thinking of in Jerry’s quote.

      • Jerry Hill    brecht died in 1956: was “multinational” already a buzzword then?

      • David Skip Reinhart    A vast majority of prostitutes are not out there because they feel it’s a calling. Most prostitution is due to despondence and necessity. “Apathy toward political shenanigans is a problem.” No buts. “Multinational” has been in use at least as early as WWI.

      • Jerry Hill   thx skip!

      • Jerry Hill   let me clarify: thanks for the info re: multinationals…
        weren’t prostitutes, if the oldest profession, the first capitalists? didn’t adam smith say something about an “invisible hand” that was guided by self-interest or some such? i perceive more at play here: in learning to benefit themselves at the expense of others men have learned to manipulate the invisible hand. it’s not apathy but rather that which is “the root of all evil” — the love of money. “them that’s got, shall get, them that’s not shall lose. so the bible said and it still is news…” (thx billie). more than mere apathy i perceive ill will on the part of “them’s that got” and the subjugation and degradation of “the owned” by “the owners” (hat tip george carlin). in my humble opinion.

      • Jerry Hill     that whole george carlin piece is on my timeline in the past couple of days…look for the photograph of george.

      • Jerry Hill   the average person’s self-absorbed disinterest in obtaining accurate information and participating responsibly in the social contract creates a providential environment for the unscrupulous few to take advantage of the unobservative many.

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