what a mess

the republican presidential candidate selection process is!


is this the best they’ve got?


mitt romney? the monied mormon? really? remember what a fuss they made about jack’s catholicism?


rick santorum? the single member of the body politic that most reminds me of dan quayle…


newt gingrich?  he’s a mean-spirited georgia cracker that hates black folk and loves him some women (plural!).


ron paul? batshit crazy 20% of the time and sounding quite reasonable the other 80…


why oh why did the democrats not mount a primary challenge? party unity? so democrats can march in lockstep the way republicans do?


One response to “what a mess

  1. though i should grudgingly give credit to the republican lockstep for being very effective in the senate, particularly, in obstructing the people’s agenda and attending to their very deep-pocketed clientele instead…

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