how wonderful

not to know anything about this year’s academy awards nominees and never ever to have to watch the awards show!


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my facebook cover photograph

  • Jerry Hill   off alligator point, and where i want my ashes put when i’m gone…

  •    Kathy Jackson   well, I don’t wanna be there “now” for THAT REASON, J.

  • Kathy Jackson    Back in the day, my dad owned a bar on Alligator Pt – we lived in the round house across from the KOA campground – Chip Morrison Dr – Vicky and the other sisters were already gone – I was the only one living w/mom and dad then going to school in Carrabelle. But I did my homework EVERY AFTERNOON looking at exactly this scene off the rocks in our back-yard … made homework a heck of alot easier

  • Jerry Hill   the day i took this picture my late life companion, sarah, had her ashes released right around the corner from this spot, into the ochlockonee river bay… this was as close as i could get… and i intend to give my late son hunter his last skydive into the gulf near this spot.

  • Jerry Hill   also, my profile picture was taken from the same place, later that day…

  • Kathy Jackson   Thank you for sharing that. And God Speed to you, my friend.

  • Jerry Hill   i remember that round house and maybe even went past there while you were living there… (1972 –after the hurricane– and thereafter….)

  • Jerry Hill   wasn’t it 72? i remember lots of piles of rubble, all down the beach…
  • Kathy Jackson   My parents could never put me in a “CORNER’ cuz the house HAD NONE – it’s round and on stilts …

  • Jerry Hill   it was on the way back from that hurricane-wrecked beach, crossing the old bridge over the bay, that i had my first moment of transcendence–feeling connected with something beyond the limits of my skin– as the setting sun lit the bay with red-golden fire (much like my profile pic): it was SO beautiful!

  • Jerry Hill   not just feeling connected with “something”—EVERYTHING!

  • Kathy Jackson   I’m never at more peace than when I’m beside the water (kinda love the shower and hot-tub too if the beach isn’t an option) …. gonna be cremated – and put in a Busch Light can and thrown in the Ocean right at St. Theresa Beach landing where my son’s father was born (his parents were fisherman and stayed on the beach there and when she went into labor – they called a mid-wife and Hilton, my son’s father, was born right there)…..

my facebook profile pic

what a mess

the republican presidential candidate selection process is!


is this the best they’ve got?


mitt romney? the monied mormon? really? remember what a fuss they made about jack’s catholicism?


rick santorum? the single member of the body politic that most reminds me of dan quayle…


newt gingrich?  he’s a mean-spirited georgia cracker that hates black folk and loves him some women (plural!).


ron paul? batshit crazy 20% of the time and sounding quite reasonable the other 80…


why oh why did the democrats not mount a primary challenge? party unity? so democrats can march in lockstep the way republicans do?

commentary on the facebook, et al, posts below

(see  “TrollMath: Pi”  link below…)

  • pzykr

    nice fractal but no one has succeeded in squaring a circle!

    remember: the very existence of a fractal is based on an impossible premise: that one can write with an infinitely small pencil…

    also there is no limit that the equation that describes the perimeter of the fractal approaches: the equation is p=4, ad infinitum. the box around the circle (the fractal) never can approach the circle itself.

    further comments from the facebook share…

    Arthur Frohlich the reason it doesn’t work is because as the fractal gets infinitely close to the close it becomes a squiggly line going around the edge of the circle instead of the solid line that the circle is made of. the extra distance is stored in the squiggles. great fractal though.
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  • Arthur Frohlich also I’m pretty sure that if you continue that fractal it come out as an octagon or diamond not a circle.
    3 hours ago · Like
  • Jerry Hill that “extra distance” that is “stored in the squiggles” and is unvarying means that the fractal never can get “infinitely close[r] to the [circle]…”
    about an hour ago · Like
  • Jerry Hill that’s what i meant with the comment about no limit that the equation approaches
    about an hour ago · Like
  • Jerry Hill ‎”infinitely close” can never exist because that would involve an undefined operation–that’s why limits exist…
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  • Jerry Hill all that said, kudos, @Arthur Frohlich for the phrase “stored in the squiggles.” Nicely said :)
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  • Nico Rojas i understand now
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  • Abdul Ansari  plus, the areas of the two were never equal?

    February 5 at 1:40pm · Like
  • Arthur Frohlich

    Thank you. When I say that the fractal gets infinitely close to the circle I mean that as you continue to contort the square’s perimeter to match that of the circle you eventually have an infinite number of squiggles that are infinitesimal in height, which gives you something that looks very much like a circle.
    Abdul: The areas become extremely close although they will never actually equal. this is because you have to remember that those squiggles contain a small area. it’s similar to 2^(-x) in that it will never actually reach zero although it gets very close.
    Also, you can’t remove the corners as squares because if you remove squares from a right angle you will definitely not get a curve. you would have to be removing rectangles of changing dimensions to get a curve.
    Also, I should be doing a lab report
    February 5 at 10:31pm · Unlike · 1
  • Jerry Hill ah–in your explanation “approaches” would seem to be used in the context that the ~shape~ approaches that of a circle more and more closely: you weren’t saying that the length of the perimeter was changing… good point–i now take your meaning.
    thanks for elaborating

    February 5 at 11:51pm · Like
  • Jerry Hill  and good luck with the lab report!

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