circuit diagram

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jangled nerves

Cerebro-spinal nervous system: we do look a little creepy under our skin

Cerebro-spinal nervous system is the portion of the nervous system in vertebrates comprising the brain, cranial nerves, spinal cord, and the spinal nerves concerned with transmission of impulses from sense organs to the voluntary muscles.

Credits: Rufus Benjamin Weaver
Via Neurons want food

the cosmic web

“Astronomers say all of the galaxies in the universe are connected by a vast cosmic web of filaments, but we’ve never actually seen this supposed network. That’s changed, however, thanks to the tumultuous activity of a distant quasar that’s illuminating the celestial backdrop.”

“This quasar is illuminating diffuse gas on scales well beyond any we’ve seen before, giving us the first picture of extended gas between galaxies,” said astronomer J. Xavier Prochaska. “It provides a terrific insight into the overall structure of our universe.”

“It’s the first time anyone has captured an image of the cosmic web, clearly showing its filamentary structure.”

from:  Our First Glimpse of the Web that Connects All Galaxies

a man, a rake, a beach at low tide

artist: andres amador

artist: andres amador


his only other implement: a rope.. although the two pieces i happened to choose do not make it obvious why the rope is needed: many of his works feature precise geometrical figures: very impressive! and necessarily temporary as the high tide will wash them away anon…
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